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This page describes the policies in place at Indi in the Wired.

Commenting policy

I have a very liberal commenting policy. Anyone is allowed to comment, and opinions that disagree with my own are welcome. But there are limits to what I will tolerate in comments.

Remember, this is my blog – my private, personal blog. It exists to be reflective of my own opinions and thoughts, not yours. Your comments are your own opinions and thoughts, and while I do welcome them when they are constructive and thoughtful, that doesn’t mean that every turd you shit out of your face hole is welcome.

I decide what happens here. If you don’t like that, fuck off. You don’t have a right to comment here, I am giving you a privilege.

Guarantees to commenters

I offer the following guarantees to commenters:

Your identity information will never be compromised.
If you comment anonymously, your identity will never be revealed (but, bear in mind that accidents or hacking can happen, so… be careful). If you comment non-anonymously, whatever information you give as your identity will not be modified in any way, and any information that you don’t reveal publicly will be kept confidential.
Your comments will never be edited.
Your comment will either be wholly accepted, or wholly rejected. That means that if 99.9% of your comment is excellent, but 0.1% is utterly unacceptable, the whole comment will be rejected. If you don’t want your comment to be rejected, make sure you understand what is not acceptable.
If your comment is rejected, you will get an explanation.
If you want to know why your comment was rejected, you can get in touch with me (see the contact page) and ask, and you will be given a full explanation. You will be allowed to edit your comment (I might have to edit it for you, but you would give me the changes), or argue for it to be published as-is. My decision is final, of course, but I will consider cogent arguments. (Note: you can also ask why a comment wasn’t published in a new comment on the same topic, within reason, but the comments on a post are meant to be comments about the post, not about your comment or my commenting policy.)

What makes a comment unacceptable

I am very tolerant about comment content; just about the only things I will not tolerate are spam, unjustified abuse, and pointless or incoherent rambling or ranting.

These are the things I will look for when deciding whether a comment should not be approved:

Comments that contribute nothing to the discussion.
Comments that are nothing but “I agree!” or “That’s interesting.” are strong candidates for not being approved. But I won’t be anal about it. If you’re a regular commenter who offers usually interesting, thoughtful comments, then it will almost certainly be approved. Otherwise, it’s at my discretion.
Comments that appear to provide nothing but a platform for links.
I don’t mind you linking back to your blog – in fact I heartily encourage it, and do not use rel="nofollow" on links you provide (*this feature is pending; please be patient!). If a comment doesn’t appear to contribute anything meaningful to the discussion, and only seems to exist to provide links, it probably won’t be approved. If you want to provide a link to something actually relevant to the post, explain in the comment why it’s relevant.
Comments that are unnecessarily abusive.
I don’t mind strong language, and I don’t mind ripping into people that deserve it. But if your post goes too far with the abuse – beyond what can be tolerated in a thoughtful, reasoned conversation between adults – it won’t be approved. No, this won’t be just because you used a few swear words; it will be because you took the insults far beyond what was necessary to make a cogent point and add to the discussion.
Comments that use racist, sexist, other otherwise discriminatory language.
To be clear, I will allow people to discuss discriminatory language and ideas, where it’s relevant. But I absolutely will not allow them to express such language or ideas.
Comments that are just ranty or rambling.
This is my blog. If you want to rant or ramble, make your own fucking blog.

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